03.06.21 Finanças

In Switzerland, the Stato bank organizes customers’ reception

Reception in bank

The Cantonal bank Stato is located in the city of Bellinzone in the Canton of Ticino since 1915. In order to improve the customers’ reception, this bank selected our solutions.

The customer comes in the branch and selects on the Twana™ Diseo™ kiosk the purpose of his visit. The front panel of the kiosk is customized with the colors of the bank to be perfectly integrated in the brand look & feel. The customer is then called through 3 LED Displays displaying the number called and the number of the office the customer has to go. The bank advisors call the next customer with a Call Unit, so they don’t need to set-up a new software on the computers.

This simple solution is run by eGestat™, the queue management system without a computer server. Quickly installed, it allows to organize the reception and direct the customer.

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