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Digital Signage solution

NeoPlayer™ is a digital signage tool very easy to use. This solutions enables to broadcast customizable and dynamic content on your video screens while you are calling your next customers or independently. You thus make your reception management dynamic by informing your waiting room visitors and by reducing perceived waiting time.

Our digital signage solution comes with simple native tools for creating content very quickly from a template library. You also supervise in real time the distribution points (ongoing communication, machine status, etc.).

You can manage screens locally or a whole series of screens in a network over several sites with different levels of rights.

At last, NeoPlayer™ also allows you to create a wall of images with multiple screens to strengthen the impact of your communication.You create your distribution lists (films, flash, ppt, RSS feeds etc.) which are broadcasted according to your communication strategy.

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  • Effective communication (the customer is attentive during the wait)
  • Improved perception of waiting time which becomes more pleasant and entertaining
  • Simple solution to install: a single executable file
  • Easy-to-use solution: multimedia content simply needs to be copied to one folder
  • Overall supervision: broadcast statistics, real time supervision of screens to be more reactive
  • Integrated solution: with our video call broadcast systems and customisable in line with your in-house style
  • Local or multiple site management: the product is designed to be able to simply manage one or more screens on a site, or to centrally manage a set of sites with rights management.


  • Division of your screens into areas and broadcasting of different content to each of them
  • Management of several screens by a single NeoPlayer™
  • Display using all of the standard formats (ppt, avi, mpeg, flash, jpg, html, ...) depending on version
  • Easy to create distribution lists
  • Local or centralised administration
  • Integration and/or interfacing with most tools in the market for wide-scale video broadcasting


To broadcast your dynamic communication, we offer you the Edge LED video monitors. They produce images of amazing clarity while consuming little power. Available in several sizes.

VIDEO MONITOR - EDGE LED RANGE for digital signage


To broadcast your dynamic communication, we offer you full HD LED video monitors. They produce vibrant images with low power consumption. Available in several sizes.

VIDEO MONITOR - LED RANGE for digital signage

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