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New testimonial: E.Leclerc Clermont-Ferrand

wait in a supermarket

The E.Leclerc supermarket in Clermont-Ferrand was facing a very large flow of customers at the traditional counters, especially at the end of the year. Customer dissatisfaction response was a queuing management solution. We have therefore installed several Diseo ™ kiosks to distribute tickets and screens to broadcast call numbers. The particularity of this installation is the QRCode printed on the customer's receipt, that once scanned, allows the list of called numbers to be viewed on a smartphone.

Here is the testimonial of Mr. Cédric Tissandier, store quality manager:

"Our main problem was that at the end of the year we have a lot of customers. The wait can rise very quickly. At the fish counter you can have 200 customers in 15 minutes. The idea was to be able to manage these 200 clients by making them wait in the best possible conditions, without forcing them to be stuck in the same place which quickly becomes cramped. Especially since there are a lot of people in the store these days and the wait can be long.

ESII offered to install ticket dispensers with numbers displayed on TVs throughout the store. This allows the customer to browse in the store while having the opportunity to see his number and when he is going to be called. He also has the possibility of tracking his number on his mobile phone using a QRCode to be scanned on the ticket. He can check where the queue is and get closer to the counters at the right time.

Customers don't have to be stuck in done place while waiting for their turn but can continue shopping with an eye on the queue. As the wait is no longer static, the perceived wait decreases.

The manager in his office can see the wait is in his section. If the wait is too long, he can go and see what's going on, help staff or reallocate the teams on his area.

The solution installed by ESII match with our specifications."

tickets dispenser

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