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DIY without waiting


DIY is an activity that appeals to more and more people. This is due to the easy to use techniques and tools as well as the opening of large DIY stores. They thus generate a large flow of daily visitors and inevitably wait. We are going to see the case of a Castorama which decided to use the virtual ticket to improve waiting times in the cutting department and to promote traffic in the store.

The Smartwait ™ solution was installed at the wood and glass cutting stand. On arrival, the customer scans a QRCode with his smartphone which generates a virtual ticket with a number and a call time. He is therefore free to browse the store to shop and view the products. He is texted a first time to go to the stand to give his cutting dimensions. He is put back on hold with the same ticket number, to be texted a second time to collect his products.

Thanks to the virtual ticket powered by the SaaS Orion solution, the customer is freed from waiting in the cutting department. He can shop, see products… in short, he doesn't waste time. Operation in SaaS mode does not require the installation of equipment in the store.

Digital Ticket castorama

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